About Patti

I grew up in Olympia, Washington. However, like many people in the 70’s, I had the urge to travel and see the world. My travels took me to over 50 countries where I was able to travel and work on various development projects. In this life, I have been fortunate to work in Haiti, Japan, Turkmenistan, Kosovo, Bangladesh, Yemen and Afghanistan. It was when I was living in Japan, that I started learning tarot. During a long winter, in a small tatami room, I taught myself and by the end of that year began reading cards. For me, the cards are way to help see the many facets of the situations that we find ourselves in. The tarot cards hold the symbols and archetypes of all the people we might meet and the choices we can make. The cards never tell us the answer or dictate the future, but rather help us to see the options and paths that are before us, at that one particular moment in time. With all my work overseas, I have learned that tarot is universal, in every country, no matter the religion or political system, people are drawn to the cards and love to have their cards read. Tarot is truly a cross cultural tool. Though I was fortunate to read cards over the internet as “Pristina” with Astrolada for a short while, I still love one on one readings. I love for people to touch and pick their cards out of a physical deck, but as the Aquarian age dawns, it is certain that the actual physical deck will no longer be necessary.

Like many people, I read Linda Goodman’s astrology book and the many sun columns in magazines and newspapers. While living in Seattle which has been my home base since my 20’s, I always went to the Astrology et All book shop to have tarot and astrology readings with the professionals there. Then finally, when I was in Afghanistan and facing some personal choices, I decided that going to others for answers was no longer enough. I needed to be able to read my own chart and the charts of others to understand. I have taken courses and workshops with Steven Forrest, Kaypacha, Mark Jones, and studied with Maurice Fernandez; Evolutionary Astrology is the natural fit for me. I am interested in the soul’s mission on the earth and enjoy helping others find their true path and passion. Just as have I have dedicated my life to helping others learn and develop, I see astrology as my natural path to continue helping others find clarity.