Astrology by the Bay

Patti | 1 year ago

If you were fortunate, you saw the red blood wolf lunar eclipse just outside your window on January 21,2019. Native Americans always referred to the January full moon as the wolf moon as it was the time the time that hungry wolves could be best be heard howling outside the villages in the night. The farmer’s almanac continued with the tradition and still refers to the January moon as belonging to the wolf. Here is the northwest, January is traditionally a cold dark month, one that can even bring snow. We find it as a time to bundle up and sit by the fire, it is not a good time to be hungry. The full moon is a time for culmination or endings. The super moon is the rare event where the moon is at the closest point of its elliptical orbit to the planet earth, so It becomes red due to atmospheric conditions and mightily affects the waves of the oceans and our own inner emotions This wolf lunar eclipse took place in the sign of Leo and is the culmination of a series of eclipses that began on February 10, 2017. Leo rules creativity, expression, children and even one-night stands. So, as you reflect on these last days of January, think about any creative projects that need to be completed, realigned or just let go, especially those that your started about 2 years ago. It is time to move on. As the new moon enters Aquarius on February 4, 2019, we will have the urge to do something new, go higher, go further, get out of the box; that it is why it is important to finish up old project. Aquarius rules groups and technology, so it is a great time to start something new with groups of people, try something new on your computer, even watch some sci-fi!! Most of all it is a time to set yourself apart and do something unique, that is what Aquarius is all about, individuality in the collective. Mercury will be conjunct the new moon, so focus on communication, get your ideas out. February will be a time to focus on new ideas, how can you make them manifest? If you would like to know more where Aquarius and mercury are in your chart, schedule an astrological or tarot reading with Patti at I look forward to working with you.