I never considered Tarot seriously; I had done it a few times for fun. So when Patti offered me a reading, I though " Why not?" it's a bit of fun. I was startled by some points that came out in my first reading that were spot on with what was going on in my life at that time. And so began our relationship. Patti and I were neighbours for two years whilst we both worked on development projects in Afghanistan. Life there is fluid and challenging, but also full of change and , at times, opportunities. I have consulted Patti's Tarot card reading service many times over the last two years, and always derived insight and advice from these sessions. Sometimes the cards are a bit nebulous; this causes one to look inside oneself to try to understand what might be the underlying meaning. Too often we are caught up in the "here and now", so a bit of forced introspection is good - its a time to take a step back, think, and, perhaps look at the bigger picture of your life and its direction. This is the main benefit I gain from Patti's Tarot sessions. Time to reflect. And , from that , answers can come. On several occasions . events occurred near to exactly as the cards had previously predicted, and when that happened, its just freaky! I am glad Patti introduced me to the art of Tarot; there is something in it, for sure. And if it helps you to understand yourself better, and make decisions better, it is certainly a good thing!

Mare Elston | 1 year ago